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Thermoptim, Vista and Windows NT

Running under Vista

Thermoptim has been tested on Vista repeatedly.

Everything works normally when the user has the required privileges, including the permissions to write in Thermoptim installation directory.

If this is not the case, the user can not save the project and diagram files he/she creates.

Moreover, Thermoptim performs backups of compound gases and external user-defined mixtures, as well as choices for displaying interactive thermodynamic charts, which can be blocked by the system.

You can test the operation by creating a basic diagram, for example a single process-point and trying to save it. If the file is not created , you will not see it appear in the list of available diagrams.

It is therefore important to ensure that Vista is adequately set.

If you do not know how to operate, you can also use the mechanism described in Volume 1 of the reference manual, which is reproduced below.

Security under Windows NT

Under Windows NT, the administrators generally prefer to install the software in protected directories in which the users cannot write files. Thermoptim writing certain files in a transparent way for the user, security access problems can exist.

The solution implemented consists in gathering in a particular directory all the files likely to be modified during the use of Thermoptim. This directory, of reasonable size (approximately 60 KB) can then be copied in a user directory distinct from that of installation. The address of this directory is stored in a file placed in the root of Thermoptim.

At the time of the installation, the administrator writes, in the first line of a file called "Thopt.ini", the access path to a user writeable directory, and copies in this directory the file "thoptuser" containing on the one hand all the internal work files, which were until now in the sub-directory "data" except for "diag.ini", and on the other hand the user files (cycle, isoval, proj, res and schema). The administrator then limits in reading and execution the access rights to the installation directory of Thermoptim, and authorizes the reading and the writing in the copy of "thoptuser".

If "Thopt.ini" does not exist or contains an incorrect access path, Thermoptim continues to work like previously.

If the user wishes to move his own working files, he copies in another directory file "thoptuser" and indicates its access path in the global properties screen. He must however always leave a copy of "thoptuser" at the place chosen by the administrator.

Security procedure under Windows NT

Unzip file "" containing the various files to be placed in the installation directory of Thermoptim. This file is in the "Special" file of this directory. It contains the Thopt.ini file initialized by defect with "." and the directory "thoptuser", which Thermoptim needs to work.

Move the file "thoptuser" in a user writeable directory, and enter between quotation marks the access path to this directory (for example, "D:\pub") in the first line of the Thopt.ini file, in the place of ".".

Transfer in the sub-directories "proj" and "schema" from "thoptuser" your files describing projects and diagrams, as well as possibly all files in the Thermoptim installation directory and not included in the archive MAJ_NT.ZIP, such as those providing access to software called by external classes.


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