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Curve digitizing package

You may have already had to digitize a curve from a paper document, which is quite tedious to do by hand.

This software package facilitates the digitization of curves. It displays on the screen the image previously scanned of a chart, and then allows you to easily record the points of the curves you want (up to 2000).

You will find below a link to the documentation of this tool.

Two versions are offered, one with a screen a little wider than the other, so that the input window of the points is greater than the other, fitted for a screen width of 1024 points.

Download of the application

The wide version is available at the following address:

The other one at:

The installer is relatively large (about 8 MB) because it contains the Java Virtual Machine 1.1.8. If you install it at the same place as Thermoptim, it will not be duplicated.


The latest updates of this package are directly downloadable from this page. This is the digitalizer.jar file that contains the application, which should replace its counterpart in the application installation directory.

The initial installer includes the French documentation. Replace the UtilDigitaliseur.pdf file with the one below to get the English doc.



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