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Model library

This page allows you to directly access the Thermoptim model library, which includes five categories of external classes:

  • External substances

  • External processes

  • External dividers

  • External mixers

  • Drivers

For each model, various documents define the external class (the number varies depending on the complexity of the model):

  • Presentation of the model

  • Instructions for use of the class

  • Java code of the external class

  • or file containing the class

  • Project and diagram files of an example

Historically, external classes began to be developed for Thermoptim versions 1.3 to 1.5.

A change in the Java libraries forced us to modify the source code of external classes and Thermoptim from 2018, leading to versions 2.52, 2.62, 2.72 and 2.82.

Three versions of the external classes should therefore be used, depending on the version of Thermoptim you have. If you do not know it, it is indicated in the screen that appears when you click on the line "About Thermoptim" in the "Help" menu of the simulator.

When external classes are available for versions 2.5 to 2.8, three sets of files are available for download, reported by:

  • V1 for versions 1.3 to 1.5

  • V2.51 for versions 2.51, 2.61, 2.71 and 2.81

  • V2.52 for versions 2.52, 2.62, 2.72 and 2.82

If nothing is specified, only version 1.5 is available.

Volume 3 of the Thermoptim reference manual will explain how to use and design external classes and Diapason session S07En_ext will guide you through your first steps. However, if you just want to use external classes, just learn how to load them in the software package, which is explained below in this page

The links below give you access to pages where you can download or files containing external classes. For these classes to appear in Thermoptim, you must either replace the file with the same name in the installation directory of the package or extract the compiled class files (extension .class) and place them in your old extUser. zip or file.

If you are using a version of Thermoptim after 2.51, you can use for this the external class manager . Otherwise, refer to the guidance provided in Volume 3 of the Thermoptim reference manual .

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