Online course and simulator for engineering thermodynamics

Welcome to the Thermoptim-UNIT portal!

The Thermoptim project comes from our will to propose a new pedagogical approach to applied thermodynamics by the means of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) applied to education. It opens the door to a new pedagogic approach, one which allows us to overcome the difficulties presented by a classical teaching of thermodynamics. This new educational approach trains scientists and engineers in such a way that they may meet the energy challenges of the future.

The Thermoptim portal today is composed of a wide and consistent set of resources at your disposal. We hope that its functionalities will satisfy your expectations. Our aim is for Thermoptim to become a high quality tool for the majority of people. Thus, do not hesitate to inform us about your remarks or your suggestions.

These resources are based upon a simulation software (THERMOPTIM) and some modules provided with a sound-track for a distance learning (Diapason). With these modules you can get at any moment the teacher's presentations, with his vocal explanations, its slide shows and some hypertext links. Their joint use appears very efficient from a pedagogic point of view. In fact, it meets a great success with students in several tens of educational establishments.

From students or from teachers who wish an unconventional and more attractive approach to thermodynamics, to manufacturers who look for reliable, easy to understand means and methods to estimate, design and find the optimum of energy powered systems, everyone will find in THERMOPTIM a new working methodology. This methodology is very productive in the education field, in modelling and in systemic optimization.

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