Online course and simulator for engineering thermodynamics

Links to download sites

You will find here links to the major resource download sites referenced in this portal and to the pages with such links.

Demo version of Thermoptim

Thermoptim is distributed by S4E2 . You will find from this link all the information on the prices of marketed versions.

You can also download the Windows, MacIntosh and Linux demo versions .

Diapason Modules: Flash executable files and xml file builder

The deployment environment of the Diapason modules comes with the builder of XML files presented in this portal which you can download in the bottom of the presentation page .

You can also access it via a direct link to the download site .

EXPLISITE distance learning modules

The distance learning EXPLISITE modules (Explorations Pédagogiques en Ligne avec SImulation des Technologies Energétiques) are centered around exploring virtual tours of the main examples of energy systems (refrigerator, gas turbine and steam cycle), with links to theoretical, technological, methodological explanations.

They are used in combination with the Thermoptim software: cycles investigated can be opened in the simulator and diagram editor, which helps explain the physical phenomena simply calculations being performed by the computer. The student then concentrates on the architecture of cycles and their thermodynamic setting.

Thermodynamic packages

Links to different thermodynamic packages, some of which are freely downloadable, are provided in the portal pages that deal with this issue.

Excel macro for post-processing project files

An Excel macro for after-processing Thermoptim project files has been designed to facilitate the exploitation of sets of simulated project files.

Utility package for digitizing curves

To facilitate the digitization of curves, we created a small utility package that allows you to display on the screen the image of a scanned chart, and then easily record points of the curves (up to 2000 ).

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