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Internationalization of Thermoptim

Thermoptim screens have been translated into nine languages: Brazilian (or Portuguese), Catalan, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish. However, the whole documentation is only available in two languages: English and French.

This page gives you direct access to explanations that will allow you to set Thermoptim with these languages:

Internationalized resources available vary depending on the language: the screens are always translated, but only a variable number of project and diagram files, sometimes grouped in libraries.

Please note the following important fact: when loading in a different language a project involving substances with reserved names, such as those of vapors or some pure gases, you must first change the names of these substances in seeking their match in the list of substances available in the new language.

For example, "eau" in French must be replaced by "water" in English, or "agua" in Spanish.

The "Substance manager" of the simulator allows you to do this very easily. Refer on this to Volume 2 of the Thermoptim reference manual .

These resources have been translated with the help of various students and fellow teachers whom we thank for their contributions.

An important work of translation into English of the portal (including about 35 Diapason sessions) was done in 2011 and will continue thereafter.

If you are willing to translate Thermoptim in another language or to supplement the resources already translated, please contact us by sending us an email: .

Finally, a Diapason session on the construction of a steam cycle with Thermoptim was translated in Brazilian and Spanish.

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