Online course and simulator for engineering thermodynamics

What does the Menu Special of the simulator?

What does the Menu Special of the simulator?

"Diagram editor" opens the editor to graphically define a project

"Interactive Charts" opens a window to plot the points of the project in one of three types of thermodynamic interactive charts(vapors, ideal gases or psychrometric) and create project points from these charts

"Optimisation Tools" opens the pinch method optimization window

"Automatic recalculation tools" opens a window to follow step by step the progress of the recalculation, and access the updated list of "observed" processes

"Diagnosis tools" opens a window to list points and processes with certain properties. The diagnosis of complex projects is facilitated

"Sensitivity Analyses" opens a window allowing one to conduct sensitivity analysis on selected flow rates, pressures and temperatures

"Substance manager" opens a window to change a substance, rename it...

"External class viewer" opens a window to briefly analyze the set of available external classes

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