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What does the Menu Graph of the psychrometric charts?

What does the Menu Graph of the psychrometric charts?

narrow line / bold line allows you to change the thickness of the line plot

X axis/ Y axis: These menus allow you to adjust the maximum, minimum and scale of the graph. You can thus focus the graph display to the desired area.

(w,t) / (w,h) : select the chart type to display

Parameters : Opens a window that lets you change the settings of the chart (choice of gas pressure range and temperature,...), depending on the type of graph chosen.

Isovalues selection: Opens a window that allows you to set the values chosen by the user to plot the curves of equal relative humidity, specific enthalpy, specific temperature and equal specific volume

Isovalues set: If this menu item is checked, the software uses the user-defined isovalues. Otherwise, the isovalues are determined automatically based on settings of the chart.

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