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What is the THERMOPTIM documentation composed of?

What is the THERMOPTIM documentation composed of?

Answer: The Thermoptim package documentation is composed of several complementary sections:

- The getting started guides allow a user to quickly get acquainted (in less than half an hour) with Thermoptim either exploring an existing model,or creating a new one

- The reference manual consists of four volumes and the interactive diagrams manuals. The first volume presents the software, the diagram editor and the optimization method, the second volume deals with the simulator (screens of the basic components and the tools available in the modeling environment), the third explains how to design external components to extend the features of Thermoptim, and the fourth deals with technological design and off-design operation.

- Various examples allow beginners to familiarize themselves with the software, following step by step the construction of detailed projects. Three of these examples are extensions of getting started guides.

- Finally, a short guide called Quick Reference is available from the Help menu, with tabs presenting the main concepts.

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