Gas turbine (GT)

Gas turbine (GT)Components
Chapters 7 and 8 Part 2
Chapt ...Dynamic compressorCombustion chamberTurbineHeat exchangerBrayton cycle / 
Thermoptim modelLightweight presentation
Chapter 2 Part  ...Basic example
Chapter 9 Part 2Analytical model
Chapter 12 Part 3Variants
Chapter 12 Part 3Closed cycle GTRegenerative GTGT with intercoolerGT with sequential combustion GT with intercooling, sequential
combust ...Steam Injection GTCooled GTTurbojetSingle flowTurbofanTurbopropAdvanced cyclesCombined cycles
Chapter 17 Part 3
Chapte ...IGCC
Chapter 28 Part 4Cogeneration / CHP
Chapter 18 Part 3Humid Air Turbine
Chapter 24 Part 4Supercritical CO2 cycles
Chapters 24 and ...Solar power plants
Chapter 30 Part 4SOFC fuel cell 
coupled to a GT
Chapter  ...Oxycombustion
Chapter 28 Part 4High temperature 
nuclear reactors HTR
C ...Trigeneration
Chapter 18 Part 3Reverse Brayton cycle
Chapter 19 Part 3
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