Online course and simulator for engineering thermodynamics

First part - Lightweight presentation

In the first part of the course we discuss key concepts which should be presented to beginners in order to enable them to understand and study the cycles of three basic energy technologies: steam power plant, gas turbine and refrigerating machine. The chosen approach follows a presentation called CFRP for Components, Functions and Reference Processes.

In the CFRP presentation, we start by describing the architectures of the various technologies and the technological solutions implemented (boilers, turbines, pumps, condensers, turbocompressors, piston, scroll, screw, hermetic compressors, expansion or throttling valve, etc.). We then show that despite their diversity, the components only perform four main functions, themselves corresponding to three reference processes undergone by the fluids which pass through them.

After having introduced some essential notions of thermodynamics, energy exchanges of a system with its environment and the first law of thermodynamics are presented in open and closed systems, and we show that each reference process declines a particular case of application of this first law. The importance of enthalpy is explained as it allows one to calculate work and heat exchange of a system with its surroundings.

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