Online course and simulator for engineering thermodynamics

Online course 2022 on Energy Systems

The objective of this course is to allow you to become familiar with thermal energy systems by limiting the prerequisites in mathematics and physics as much as possible.

In our presentation of our pedagogical approach, we demonstrated that it can be divided into three main modes.

The second edition of the book Energy Systems covers topics corresponding to the first two modes. In this course, we focus solely on the first mode and offer a detailed online version of the lightweight presentation, as well as a partial presentation of a set of cycles modeled with Thermoptim.

These cycles have been primarily chosen from those that are the subject of guided explorations.

For supplements on the second mode, we refer you to the book.

It should be noted that we will not be addressing technological issues in this course, and instead direct the reader to the relevant pages on the portal where these topics are discussed.

An important note: to make this course easier for you to read, we have included guided explorations within its pages. However, it is recommended that you use the ones contained in the Thermoptim browser installed on your computer, as they are coupled with Thermoptim and all corresponding working files.

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