Vapor compression refrigeration

Vapor compression
Chapters 7 and 8 Part 2
Chapt ...Displacement
compressorPistonScrollScrewDynamic compressorCentrifugalHeat exchangerEvaporatorCondenserExpansion valveRefrigeration cycle / 
Thermoptim modelLightweight presentation
Chapter 2 Part  ...Basic example
Chapter 9 Part 2, 1st Ed
C ...Detailed model
Chapter 19 Part 3, 1st Ed ...Off-design operation
Chapters 34 and 38  ...Variants
Chapter 19 Part 3, 1st Ed
Chapt ...Cycle with superheating
and subcoolingCycle with heat exchangerTwo-stage cycleswith intermediate coolingwith total injection with partial injectionwith medium pressure evaporatorHeat pumpsCascade cyclesCycles with ejectorsRefrigerants
Chapter 5 Part 2
Chapter 19 ...Pure refrigerantsBlendsAdvanced cyclesCooled gas turbine
Chapter 12 Part 3Trigeneration
Chapter 18 Part 3, 1st Ed
Chapter 26 Part 4, 1st Ed
Cha ...LindeClaudeAntisublimation (CCS)
Chapter 28 Part 4
Vapor compression