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Modélisation et dimensionnement d'une machine de réfrigération

This example corresponds to the Thermoptim model of a refrigeration machine and its design with a simple driver, whose resolution is performed semi-automatically using the software search algorithms convergence by dichotomy.

There is some minor modifications to the example given section 38.4 of Chapter 38 of the first edition of the book Energy Systems (Part 5).

A much more complete example taking into account the pressure drop and the refrigerant charge is treated in full in the model library

This example uses the driver, which appears in the list of drivers with the code "RefrigP Driver".

The values ​​of the evaporator and condenser UA coefficients must be manually entered into this driver, iteratively, until the recalculated values ​​of their surfaces are equal to those of design.

Two project files are provided, corresponding to air temperatures of 0 °C and 20 °C.

This example can be loaded in Thermoptim versions 1.7 or 2.7 and beyond.

The attached archives contain both the project and schema files, as well as the or file including the driver class, which must be put into the Thermoptim working folder.

The file with the extension ".java" contains the class code. It is provided for information purposes only.

Files with the extension ".prj" must be placed in the directory "proj" of Thermoptim working folder, and the one with the extension ".dia" in the directory "schema".

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