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Steam power plant exercises (setting out)

The exercises below are available to develop your modeling capability with Thermoptim. The statements being very brief, the diagram is provided in each case. Once the model is established, you can do sensitivity studies to analyze the influence of various parameters on the cycle performance.

The corrections are accessible to authentified teachers. The files provided are for Windows. As these are text files, it may be necessary to convert them for Macintosh or Linux.

1) simple Hirn or Rankine steam cycle

This simple Hirn steam cycle is treated as detailed example in a Thermoptim getting started guide.

2) reheat and extraction Hirn or Rankine cycle

This reheat and extraction Hirn or Rankine cycle is a modification of the previous example. The extraction rate is 15% and the reheat temperature is the same as the initial superheating temperature (560 ° C).

This example involves both a mixer and a divider. Flows in the different branches vary depending on the extraction. Pressure levels can be changed through the set pressures. The possibilities of recalculation engine are highlighted.

3) supercritical steam cycle

This is an advanced supercritical steam cycle with two reheats, considered as a limiting case given the level of pressure and temperature settings: pressure equal to 0.023, 6.5, 76 and 415 bar, superheating and reheat temperature of 704 °C.

4) PWR nuclear cycle

This is a Pressurized Water Reactor (PWR) nuclear cycle, the pressure in the generator is about 60 bar and steam temperature 275 °C.

The absence of initial superheating leads to include a particular device, the moisture separator reheater MSR, whose modeling requires some precautions. The model includes a separator and a heat exchanger between the intermediate pressure vapor phase and the extraction of high pressure saturated steam. At the output of the steam generator, a fraction of the flow is fed to the superheater, while the main stream is expanded to 11 bar. A separator recovers the vapor which is superheated by exchange with the fraction of flow which was discussed above. Superheated steam is then condensed and expanded, and headed toward the feedwater tank where the other liquid streams flow. The water is then pressurized to feed the steam generator.

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