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The development of this portal is the result of work that took place over 10 years and has benefited directly or indirectly from contributions of many people.

It has benefited from comments and suggestions of many fellow teachers:

  • from Ecole des Mines de Paris (Ph. Blanc, D. Fargue, L. Gicquel, D. Lourdeaux, D. Marchio, M. Orphelin, D. Queiros-Condé, Ph. Rivière)

  • the Club ALET (J. Bellettre, P. Chantrenne, R. Carreras, J. Fabre, W. Fürst, J.-L. Harion, J.-C. de Hemptinne, J.-N. Jaubert, X. Joulia, B. Lemoult, P. Nortier, M. de Peretti, Ch. Suzanne, M. Tazerout)

  • EPFL (D. Favrat)

  • preparatory classes for the Grandes Ecoles (S. Faye B. Jouffroy Thermoptim)s (S. Faye, B. Jouffroy and all participants to LIESSE sessions on Thermoptim)

This portal was preceded by websites to which contributed:

  • The ISIGE team (H. Balza, Ch. Bessis, F. Planchard)

  • The 'Ecole des Mines de Nantes (S. Rousseau)

Its design has been greatly facilitated by expert advice and specific developments by IT managers and webmasters of the Ecole des Mines de Paris (M. Albuisson, Ph. Calvet, including L. Ménard, CPS specialist, K. Oliver-Quelennec, N. Boyer).

The whole Thermoptim project could be developed in good conditions thanks to the kindness and support of many leaders of the Ecole des Mines de Paris, the Groupe des Ecoles des Mines and UNIT, including in particular B. Legait, A. Bamberger, S. Cassereau, J.-C. Duriez, D. Gentile, G. Touzot.

It was encouraged and supported by far-seeing publishers ready to support innovation (M. Chabreuil, A. Lallemand and C. Souny of the Techniques de l'Ingénieur, M. Bazalgette, N. Bus, W. Keilholz of CSTB, C. Delamare and S. Dekorsy des Presses des Mines, G. Seijger and A. Bright of CRC Press Balkema).

Support by manufacturers such as Areva (M. Lecomte), EDF (F. David, Ph. Lefevre, B. Leide), Laborelec (S. Blockerye) or Total (T. Renaut) was a key motivator for addressing the difficult topics that are discussed here.

Many students and trainees have also much contributed to the development of Thermoptim and digital resources gathered in this portal, including Mr. Williams, S. Candelier. and B. Liu.

Translations, even partial, were made possible by the work of many contributors (A.-P. de Almeida, M. Asuaje, A. Bright, R. Carreras, M. et M. Gicquel, J. Guisado, B. Leide, A. Meïmarakis, J. Nelles, N. Siebert).

Finally, given the large number of hours it took to develop, all this work would not have been possible without the patience, support and advice of my wife, Dr. F. Hakimi-Gicquel.

Renaud Gicquel

copyright R. Gicquel v2022.2

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