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Builder of xml files for Diapason modules

Diapason modules involve two xml files, one that describes the sequence of resources used in a session (mp3, jpg, swf files, hyperlinks), and the other that describes the trails, which are composed of sessions. It is of course quite possible to create these files in a text editor, but this way of doing is not very friendly, and also carries a risk of error in the listing file .

That is why we created a XML file builder, written in Java and distributed freely.

Ce constructeur donne accès à deux écrans permettant de créer les fichiers xml de séances et de modules.

This builder provides access to two screens to create the session and module xml files.

Session builder screen

The screen shown below shows the session builder, with, in the upper part of the overall information.

The list contains the various steps. When one is selected, its contents are displayed below. Buttons allow you to select the image and sound files, change the order of steps, add or remove some, and if necessary to define sequences.

The hyperlink definition list appears below, running on the same principle.

When you save the session xml file, the builder checks if all referenced files are present. If any are missing, it notifies you, and writes all missing files in the file missingFiles.txt.

Course builder screen

The course builder screen shown below allows you to both create new modules and edit existing ones.

The trail list shows all trails selected for the module in the selected order.

When a trail is selected in the list, its content appears in the second list.

The third list, at the bottom, contains references to all the sessions available in the "sessions" folder and therefore available to modules (deployment folders of a Diapason module must follow a specific structure, which is controlled by the builder).

When you save the xml module file, the builder verifies that all the xml files referenced in the session are present. If any are missing, it notifies you, and writes all missing files in the file missingFiles.txt.

Available resources

All the resources to build and deploy Diapason modules are freely distributed. A Windows installer is provided.

The builder is only available in French and English but seance.swf module.swf files that run in Web browsers are also available in other languages ​​(Spanish, Portuguese). The Instructions for use of the builder tell you how to operate.

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